Kasus Pernikahan Artis Sinetron Asmirandah dan Jonas Rivanno

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Kasus Pernikahan Artis Sinetron Asmirandah dan Jonas Rivanno — Masih di artikel terbaru yang akan saya berikan kepada sobat sekalian yang tentunya sesuai judul diatas. Kali ini iBerita Unik akan mencoba berikan info atau artikel mengenai Kasus Pernikahan Artis Sinetron Asmirandah dan Jonas Rivanno yang nantinya dapat dilihat langsung info lengkapnya tentunya dibawah ini, Silahkan disimak dan baca ya

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Jonas rebuttal Rivanno Asmirandah about his marriage , and also about being a convert lead to disappointment and heartache for Asmirandah father , Anton Zantman . Anton still can not accept this fact . He was still thinking about it again , to accept Jonas pesinetron though it decided to become converts . For now , he handed over all decisions to Asmirandah . He himself admitted that he was surprised to learn that his daughter filed annulment Depok Religious Court . Asmirandah never discussed the matter with him .
Recognized Anton , from the beginning he did not agree with the relationship Asmirandah and Jonas . The difference between their beliefs forbid her daughter made ​​Anton associated with Jonas .However , he eventually relented for the happiness of her daughter .
Name Asmirandah and Jonas Rivanno intense public discussion . All started from the wedding secretly held the couple on Oct. 17 last . When married , Jonas has become converts .
When news leaked her wedding , and Jonas compact Asmirandah denied . They said they would get married in January 2014 . On that occasion , the couple also denied Jonas issue has been converts .
Jonas rebuttal Asmirandah and long tails . Islamic organizations actually reported by Jonas blasphemy . Pressed , finally Asmirandah and Jonas acknowledges all previously denied .
That’s how many are curious , with the pair traveling love story . Understandably , during this time , including artist Asmirandah willing to talk about her personal life .
Asmirandah and Jonas are often performed together . Some titles soap operas always pair these two artists face . However , Asmirandah and Jonas love story , beginning when both were involved in one of the soap opera in 2011 .
From there the seeds of love between them begin to sprout . Asmirandah had just dropped out of the Dude Harlino . Unfortunately, when the ‘ invented ‘ , Asmirandah very closed about Jonas .
They began to open in 2012. The couple announced their love story through social networking . When he met with reporters at Senayan , this couple talked about the process they became lovers .
According to Jonas , they are not the product of a holiday romance . Recognized Jonas , he forgot when expressed in love with her ​​lover . Added Asmirandah , Jonas always gives him surprises .
Once various obstacles and trials , their love story ends in the aisle . Unfortunately, the sweet tale tarnished by lies . Now , both of them should be exposed to the harsh reality . Households are still whole corn will only be a distant memory .
Asmirandah has applied for cancellation of marriage to religious courts Depok , November 7 . Asmirandah father , Anton said he was surprised about the Zantman . Religious Court Depok , West Java , today , Wednesday, November 27, 2013 held a hearing annulment prime Asmirandah and Jonas Rivanno . Unfortunately , Asmirandah not attend the hearing. Jonas also did not attend the hearing . Pesinetron is only represented by its legal counsel .
Meanwhile , the reason for the cancellation petition filed Asmirandah marriage , Afdal can not divulge.

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Nah Kira kira Itulah tadi telah kita saksikan artikel mengenai Kasus Pernikahan Artis Sinetron Asmirandah dan Jonas Rivanno yang telah Iberita Unik berikan untuk sobat sekalian. dan tidak lupa saya ucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada sumber artikel. Sekian dan terimakasih dan Jangan Lupa Berkunjung lagi

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